Ali Musoke is a creative Filmmaker and cinematographer with enormous experience. His venture into filmmaking comes from the inner feelings of telling visual creative and artistic stories that can transform and inspire human nature and society. At higher education he learnt filmmaking in a film school and also attended various film workshops. After, he devoted all his time to creative filmmaking on independent and client based project. He also carries out film-making mentorship to the growing talented young generation in Africa.

He has worked on a number of international and local projects ranging from commercials, documentaries, Narrative films, corporate videos to music videos were his visual creativity and artistic abilities have been highly recognized. Over the years he has refined his style and his ability as a cinematographer, editor and director with ability to envision the genesis of a creative idea and manage conceptual projects successfully from the beginning to end. Resourceful and innovative, producing inspiring works.

He is focused on telling intimate stories that matter with a strong visual style. His ability to foster close relationships with actors and documentary subjects allows for truthful moments that gives his work a sense of spontaneity and realism. His experience as an editor and cinematographer is revealed through the artful pacing, poetic composition and considered visuals that have become a trademark of his works. He has directed three short films and produced over 7 Shorts films and 3 feature films including Nothing Going On (NGO) which has won numerous awards and recognition in festivals around the world.

Ali has worked for clients like HBO, National Geographic, Standard Chartered bank, Masterclass, Red cross, Vitamin Angels, Makmende, Rutgers WPF, Hivos, Save the Children, IFAD, L.A BRUELL, Drop in the bucket, Uganda Cancer Institute, Umeme, Maisha Film Lab among other local and international clients.